communication tips

Top Tips To Become an Excellent Communicator

communication tipsEveryone know being a good communicator is very important in all circumstances. Here are the tops tips for a better communicator.

#1. Avoid closed questions

Closed questions is when the answer of the questions is normally short. This can be answered as yes or no and this will kill your conversation. Some of the closed questions examples are: “Do you like film?” “Do you love watching movie?”

#2. Engage with the person

Let’s say when you are doing something and someone interrupt you and need your help, pay full attention to them.

#3. Don’t make assumption

Don’t jump into conclusion when you are just having a conversation with someone. Don’t assume you know what they are thinking and feeling about something. Instead if you ask them questions. it’s better.

This video is extremely useful with the communication tips. Watch below: